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RESNS Pre-school Curriculum Statement


Children grow every day through their experiences in play. At RESNS, our curriculum seeks to provide children with the opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively at their individual levels. We encourage these opportunities in a variety of ways.


By offering children planned activities, as well as spontaneous experiences based on children’s interests and ideas we seek to ensure that children have input into the way they spend their day. We also seek to build interactive and meaningful relationships between staff and the children in our care, as well as between the children themselves. All children are given the chance to develop strong, secure relationships through our commitment to ensuring that every child receives individualized attention whenever possible. Our Centre maintains a safe home-like environment, where children have the ability to explore and learn at their own pace.


Exposing children to the wonders of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, inclusive society plays an important role within our curriculum. We enjoy offering children the ability to explore play materials and activities from around the world, while ensuring that all children, regardless of abilities or challenges, are included in all program areas. We allow each child to develop at their own pace, in a loving, nurturing and supportive environment.


Play is the work of children and our curriculum encourages exploration and development through play. Large blocks of uninterrupted play time give children the chance to learn the skills that will help them reach their full potential. Giving children the opportunity to spend the greater part of their day in cooperative play enhances their ability to self-regulate their behaviour and allows them to grow in all developmental areas. Our goal is to provide children with fun, fond memories of shared experiences with children of varying ages within a stimulating, safe environment.

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