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Learning, laughing and playing together!

Registration News

River East Scholar's Nursery School will commence  registration for the 2024-25 school year on February 7, 2024.  If you would like more information,   Click here 

Welcome to Nursery School!

River East Scholars is a co-op nursery school offering an exceptional play-based curriculum designed to truly inspire the young minds that enter our space.  Our loving and dedicated teachers work hard to create an environment rich in materials and experiences for the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of our students.  We are committed to providing a non-pressured, non-judgemental atmosphere where the children feel free to explore and discover at their own pace. Our focus and goal is to meet the developmental needs and learning styles of all the children in our program.

At RESNS we are ever GROWING, ever LEARNING.....T O G E T H E R !

We Have Our Own Speech Pathologist

River East Scholar's Nursery is excited to share, that we have our own Speech and Language Pathologist.  Thanks to the sponsorship of  Variety .                                                                                                      

Our Speech Pathologist works with families to help identify and acquire the supports needed to help further the language skills of our children.

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